NANW iPhone 14 screen protecter,Soft TPU Screen Protector,Maximum Protection for Your Device


iPhone 14 Soft TPU Screen Protector provides excellent protection for your phone against scratches, drops and dust.
The ultra-thin design ensures that touch sensitivity and sharpness are not compromised.
The tough and durable TPU material is resilient to drops, shocks and shocks, ensuring that your phone is safe in any situation.
The durable TPU material provides a strong protective layer that will not yellow or crack over time.
The sticky adhesive is easy to install without any air bubbles or dust sticking to the underside of the phone film, while the easy-to-clean material means you can keep your screen looking brand new.

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Date Created:2022-07-23
Display Size:6.1inch
Compatible Models:iPhone 14
Features:Screen Protection

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